Thursday, March 30, 2017


I think that an issue that people need to be aware about is animal testing. Many people are aware of animal testing but they don't know what they are doing to stop it. They need to realize how many animals are hurt and killed for all these tests. These animals need all the help they can get. They don't deserve to be hurt. Many of the animals that are being tested on have never once done anything wrong. They are hurt for the purposes of the human race and not even to help other animals like them. They are having things that they could be allergic to being put into their bodies. All the pain and suffering that these animals go through is not good enough for us to say yea thats fine that we are doing all the testing on them. Some of these tests are toxic to the animal getting tested on and will die immediately. Then they would change it for another one and try it again. There are better and less deadly ways to test products. Like cosmetic companies that have looked for better ways to test the make up without hurting animals. There are people that think it is OK for animals to be tested on because they dont understand what is going on and they cant protect themselves from these tests. They think that just because the animal doesn't use the rights that us humans have they should be tested on. All these animals that are being tested on have feelings, thoughts, and all of the above just like us humans but many people cant see that. Testing on animals breaks up their families, can leave the animal with permanent scars or injuries, and many more bad things.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The word Orwellian to me means the past and the imaginary future of George Orwell. He talks about his past and World War II. He also talks about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. He writes the book 1984 about all of these things. Orwellian is a an idea that comes from George Orwell. Orwellian is the ideas that George has about the future. It is also his ideas to the his past. The book he writes is considered a science fiction book. He makes up a country called Oceania where Big Brother was looking over them. Big Brother was the government just looking over them. Big Brother also has control over everything. Including the citizens as they are being controlled by "telescreens" . On the "telescreens" propaganda and the government is using it to view the viewers. I feel like the world is kind of more watched by the government. I thing that the government can see what we are doing on our phones but they aren't doing anything right now. They might do something in the future. I think when the government has a chance they will take it to become more powerful. I also think that the government is controlling what we look at when we search something we aren't suppose to. They probably control what we see on social media as well.

Friday, January 27, 2017

15 Minutes

I don't know who I would spend it with. I would spend it with my grandma. I haven't seen her in the longest time. I can't even remember what she looks like so it would be wonderful just to see her and to talk to her again. I would ask her how she was. What she has been up to. To tell me a little about herself. Then I would ask for a picture with her. I would get to know how she and the rest of my family was. I would tell her about my family and how they are all doing. I would ask how it was to grow up in Mexico and ask her if it was hard for her.
If it wasn't her i would want to spend my 15 minutes with my parents. I know it's two people and not one but I would want to just talk to them. I would want to ask them how they are doing today, how their week has been and so on. I would tell them thing that i have been wanted to tell them but had no time to tell them. I would have a conversation with them about their life. I would want to ask them how it was to grow up in Mexico and then move here. I want to ask them how they made it over here. I want to ask them if it was hard to leave the rest of my family over in Mexico. I would want to know if they would ever go back if they had the opportunity. I would ask if they would take us if they did ever go back. I would ask them what their number one wish was. I would take pictures with them and just talk to them in general. Talk about anything they wanted to talk about and what I wanted to tell them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Image result for walking a dog cartoonThere are many things that are worth celebrating about this new year like people say,"New year, new me." We should celebrate that it is a new year for everyone and it could be a better year. Some of the goals I have for this year is finish this year with A's and B's. I need to finish all my work and study for all of my test to get the best scores I can get. I need to do all my homework and turn it in on time. I will try to stay on task the whole class. I want to be on task all class. I get distracted very easily.I need to learn how to stay on task the whole class period and not just for times at a time. I want to remember to walk my dog more often. I will put it in my calendar so that I remember to do it. I always forget that I want to walk him. I want to get to school on time everyday. I will set alarms to get up early and set another alarm so that I know when to leave. I have started to get to school late. I think it has started to do bad in class because I have gotten to class to late for the notes. I want to do my work and turn it in on time. For good grades I need to do my work and turned it in on time. I want to get good grades on my homework and class work.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

5.Who has shaped your perception of reality?

Many people and things have shaped my perception of reality. My mother and father shaped it by telling me what is wrong and what is right. What they thought was right and what was wrong. Society also taught me what is right and what is wrong for people around. The internet does a lot of the teaching in the world. People believe what they see on the internet and start to believe it just because its on the internet. School teaches us about the world out there and what we are supposed to know. Our parents tech us how we are suppose to treat others. They taught me how I am suppose to act and how they want me to see the world. They want me to take this chance I have to take advantage of what I have right now and not let it go to waste. They showed me how I am suppose to be, how I am suppose to act, and how I am suppose to see other people. School showed me that not everyone is the same. Where I grew up shaped my perception of reality because there were many homeless people but these homeless people were still nice. This showed me that not everyone gets as lucky and they sometimes don't even have a home but can still be nice. The society around me showed me that there are good and bad people out there. There is still a lot of my perception that I will work on and see differently.

Monday, November 7, 2016

3. What is Real

Many things can seem real but they are just a reality that your brain makes for you. Nothing is really real because your brain makes it up. Like the allegory and Dr.Jeffers explained to us that what we see is just a poor copy of the world. The brain tries its best to make the world real to the human eyes. Like the allegory explains that the people are in a cave and are chained and can't move. They only know what they hear behind them and the shadows they can see. So that is why they think that what they see and what they hear is real to them. Everyone has a different definition of what is real and what isn't. Many people think that there are mythical creatures and others think that it's just a myth. Many people don't know that what they think is real is just a poor copy that their brains are trying to make. Everything that people see is technically what the brain is trying to show what it thinks is real. Everywhere you go your brain tries to make a copy of what you are trying to see. The brain tries its best to copy the truth that people say and what you believe is true. Nothing is real to anyone. Everyone has a different perception on what is real and what is fake.  The brain has its own way of coming up with its own reality and truth. Just like everyone has a different definition of reality and how they see the world.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2.What's Intresting

It is interesting how many people have fixed mindset in a lot of things. Many people have a mindset that is created by society and the world around us. The TED Talk I watched today showed me that many people have the mindset that the male or masculine person always leads in dancing. The male always leads when there is dancing involved. Trevor Copp and Jeff Fox said in their TED Talk that it was unusual that the woman took the lead in the dance. They explained how many people expect to see a male and a female dancing together and that it was very rare for a male and male or female and female to be seen dancing together. They explain that the couples that are dancing with same sex are hidden away. This shows that society makes people thing that it is just wrong to have two people of the same sex dancing together. This shows me that people are controlled on what they think. They then continue talking about how them made a way where one person doesn't always have to lead and how they can trade off on who leads the dance. This shows people that it doesn't matter who leads and also who the people dancing. They are trying to tell people that the woman is always leading the man and that it isn't wrong for the woman to lead or for them to change positions on who leads. It is interesting how we got to be so smart over the years and how many thing have been invented by different people with different skills.